„Stairs up”: is a series of 10 numbered paintings from 2 to 11. (Stairs 1 has been repainted.) „Stairs up” is part of a larger project called „Stairs”. As in the previous cycles, my research focuses on the body and the sign. All paintings are monochrome. The cycle begins with black-and-white paintings, but as the numbering increases, the amount of blue in the cycle increases.


The Embodiment is a painting and drawing series which main theme is the body. It is my very personal attempt to deal with this topic on the plane of the painting.


The sign game is a kind of pop culture diary, my private note from the world around me. It is a zero-one space existing within black and white. A very autonomous space, because it is built only by a sign. us fare materials , i used them from the world of pop culture, these are photos from newspapers, magazines, and colorful magazines. I convert it all into a note with a sign. Playing with a sign is my report on the worldview, my transcription of reality.


Typographions are a series of drawing and typography in which I combine the technique of drawing, typography and collage. The works are 200 by 140 cm. The first four drawings are an impression of TS Eliot’s The Waste Land. This is my very personal attempt to read this poem. TS Eliot fascinated me even in my student days, so I’m glad that I was able to return to this topic.